What are the best torrent sites to use in 2019?

December 15, 2018

Torrents have been the most popular way to get hold of your favourite TV shows, movies, music and other applications for free. But since 2004, they have forced many of the top torrent sites offline due to legal threats.

ThePirateBay (TPB), the most famous tracker of all times, was taken offline in May 2006 when its servers were seized in police action. Despite that, you can still find versions of it floating around the internet.

 Many of the bigger sites like Kick Ass Torrents (KAT) also got shut down by law enforcement. But, like a starfish, they keep coming back to life thanks to a dedicated team of crazy torrent lovers.

So where should you go to find good torrents in 2019?

 Before we answer that question, one word of caution. This list may soon become obsolete because of how fast these sites get shut down by the enforcement action. If you can’t find the tracker, use the torrent/tracker name + proxy as your search term and voila, you will find the latest location. For example, KAT + proxy will give you a list of current Kick Ass Torrents proxy sites.

  1. Torrentz: This is one of the oldest and massive torrent sites on the internet. Currently, you can find this tracker at
  2. The Pirate Bay: You can find the latest avatar of TPB’s proxy site at In case it goes down, use the above-mentioned technique to find its new location
  3. KickAss Torrents: As of now, KAT can be accessed via
  4. RARBG: A Bulgarian torrent site which is now filled with a lot of videos. Its last known location was
  5. LIMETORRENTS: A resilient torrent which has still survived in its original server. It is updated quite regularly so check it out.

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